Hostas A to E

Hosta Abiqua Drinking Gourd  

Large, thick, blue-green leaves are extremely cupped on mature plants, showing whitish undersides. White flowers in July.

Height: 24"   Space: 36" 

Hosta Alakazaam -  Mini        

Long, narrow, tapered leaves are green with bright yellow, ruffled margins. Atom Smasher seedling from Clawson's Ron Livingston.

Height: 5"   Space: 10"

Photo courtesty Ron Livinston

Hosta All That Jazz

Large heart shaped leaves with creamy yellow margin. Forms majestic clump with a stately, spreading form. Lavender flowers.

Height: 23"   Space: 48"

Hosta Allegan Fog

Lance-shaped, wavy leaves have dark green margin and whitish center with green speckles.

Height: 13"   Space: 30"

Hosta Alligator Shoes

Large lance shaped leaves are uniquely pebbled. Blue-green in color with a narrow white margin. Vigorous grower.

Height: 20" Space: 24"

Hosta American Halo

Lush, large dark blue-green leaves are heavily puckered with a creamy border that turns light green in the summer.

Height: 22" Space: 60-70"

Hosta American Icon

Large Choo Choo Train sport has green leaves with wide, showy gold rippled margins. White flowers.

Height: 24" Space: 48-60"

Hosta American Sweetheart

Plantain Lily                           

Tetraploid version of H. Sea Thunder. White center with wider green margin thicker leaves.

Height: 18" Space: 36"

Hosta Americana                       

Sport of Loyalist has thick, slightly twisted, dark green leaves with a narrow, streaked, pure-white center.

Height: 18" Space: 24"

Photo courtesy Walters Gardens, Inc.

Hosta Ann Kulpa

Leaves have a large, creamy white center (emerges gold) that holds up well.

Height: 20" Space: 24"


Hosta plantaginea Aphrodite

Fragrant, double, white flowers in August. Large mound of shiny green foliage.

Height: 24"   Space: 48"

Hosta Atlantis

Tetraploid sport of Abba Dabba Do. Heavy, pointed green leaves with wavy gold margin. Vigorous.

Height: 24"   Space: 60"

Hosta August Moon

Lilac blooms late Jul to early Aug. Bright gold leaves, brighter with sun. Classic hosta.

Height: 20"   Space: 24-36"

Hosta Avalanche

Green center with striking wide white margin. Near white flowers.

Height: 13" Spread: 24"


Hosta Baby Blue Eyes

Small. Deep blue, waxy, heart shaped leaves. Fast grower forms short flat mound.

Height: 6"   Space: 16"

Hosta Barbara Ann

Large hosta is a white edged sport of Elegans. Forms stunning clump of thick, corrugated blue-green, cream-edged leaves.

Height: 36"   Space: 50"

Photo courtesy Walters Gardens, Inc.

Hosta Barbara May

Very blue lance-shaped leaves with white underside and rippled margins. Attractive lavender flowers Jul-Aug.

Height: 14"   Space: 30"

Hosta Blonde Elf - Mini

Dwarf mound of small light yellow lance- shaped leaves with a wavy margin. Lavender flowers on 8" scapes. Troughs, rock garden.

Height: 6-8"   Space: 12"

Hosta Blue Angel

Forms large tiered mounds. Huge leaves up to 18" are heavily corrugated and are extremely thick. White flowers.

Height: 36"   Space: 48"

Hosta Blue Flame

Plantain Lily                           

Blue green leaves with wavy yellow margin. Fragrant flowers in August. Good growth rate.

Light to Moderate Shade

Height: 18" Space: 40"

Hosta Blue Ivory

Medium sized hosta with beautiful blue leaves with very wide cream margins which turn white in summer. Lavender flowers.

Height: 16"   Space: 30"

Photo courtesy Walters Gardens, Inc.

Hosta Blue Lollipop

Thick, slug resistant, heart-shaped leaves of a deep blue-green color. A nice small hosta for the rock garden or trough.

Height: 12"   Space:  12-18"

Hosta Blue Mammoth

Large, round, puckered blue green leaves. Faster growth rate than other big blues. Pale lavender flowers in early summer.

Height: 30"   Space: 50"

Hosta Blue Mouse Ears - Mini

Plantain Lily                           

2008 Hosta of the Year. Small round gray-green leaves that have incredible substance. Lavender flowers. Good growth rate.

Height: 8"   Space: 12"

Hosta Blue Umbrellas

Immense plants with thick, corrugated, blue-green leaves with unique reverse cupping. Pale lavender flowers on 40" scapes summer.

Height: 33"   Space: 48"


Hosta Bridegroom

Shiny green leaves with a piecrust edge twist upward at the tip giving the plant an unusual and unique form that is immediately recognizable.

Height: 10-14"   Space: 12-24"

Hosta Bright Lights

Puckered heart-shaped leaves have bright gold centers and irregular blue-green margins. Tokudama type.

Height: 15"   Space: 36"

Hosta Brother Stefan

Thick, heavily corrugated, golden foliage is edged with a wide border of medium-green.

Height: 22"    Space: 36"


Hosta Brutus                      

Very large, thick, heavily textured, dark green leaves to 16" with piecrust edge. Tall 4' scapes with purple flowers early summer.

Height: 36"   Space: 65"

Hosta Camelot

May be the bluest of E. Smith's Tardiana hybrids. Heart-shaped leaves with great substance and slug resistance.

Height: 14"    Space: 22"

Hosta Cameo

Tiny, round green leaves with a creamy margin. Good growing miniature. Purple flowers in July.

Height: 4"   Spread: 12"

Hosta Captain Kirk

Sport of Gold Standard with wider margin. Thick leaves have gold center, green margin. Pale lavender flowers on 36" scapes in July.

Height: 23"   Space: 43"

Hosta Cathedral Windows

Sport of Guacamole with brilliant, large gold centered leaves with wide, dark green margins. Fragrant flowers late summer.

Height: 15"   Space: 48"

Photo courtesy Walter's Gardens, Inc.

Hosta Cat's Eye - Mini

Leaves have creamy-white center and dark green margin. Tiny lavender flowers. Perfect for rock garden or troughs.

Height: 5"   Space: 8"

Hosta Chain Lightning

Tremendous white centered cultivar. Excellent contrast between margin and center. Good substance.

Height: 16"   Space: 30"

Hosta Chartreuse Wiggles - Mini

Narrow, wavy, lance-shaped chartreuse leaves form low mounds. Lavender flowers in mid-summer. Great for edging or rock garden.

Height: 6-8" Space: 24"

Hosta Cheatin' Heart - Mini

Bright gold, heart-shaped leaves with a slight wave. Light lavender flowers. Great for rock garden or front of bed.

Height: 8"   Space: 15"

Hosta Cherish - Mini

Sport of Pandora's Box has thick heart shaped leaves with creamy yellow centers and streaky blue-green margin.

Height: 6"  Space: 12"

Hosta Cherry Tart

Leaves go from chartreuse to glowing yellow in summer held on bright red petioles. Small.

Height: 12"    Space: 15"

Hosta Chesapeake Bay     

Large "oyster-shaped", blue-green leaves. Mounds of rippled, wavy leaves seem to be in constant motion. White flowers in mid-summer.

Height: 20"   Space: 36"

Hosta Choo Choo Train

A great big yellow specimen hosta has huge, thick, ruffled  leaves. Near white flowers on 36" scapes in summer. 

Height: 24"   Space: 72"


Hosta Christmas Tree

Large deep green leaves with a creamy white edge have nice substance and are heavily crinkled. White flowers.

Height: 18-20"   Space: 36"

Hosta Clifford's Stingray     

Exciting tetraploid sport of Fire And Ice. White center with wider dark green margin. Thick substance. Good sun tolerance.

Height: 18"   Space: 24-30"

Hosta Clovelly

Medium to large hosta with dark green leaves and extremely pronounced ruffled edges. Leaves become dimpled with age.

Height: 18"  Space: 28"

Photo courtesy Walter's Gardens, Inc.

Hosta Coconut Custard - Mini        

Small hosta with yellow heart-shaped leaves frosted with white wax, giving the plant a creamy appearance. Bright purple petioles.

Height: 6"   Space: 14"

Photo coutesy Green Hill Farm

Hosta Cody - Mini

H. Shining Tot X H. venusta cross. Small shiny, heart-shaped leaves have great substance. Very vigorous for a mini.

Height: 5"   Space: 10"

Hosta Color Glory

Large round leaves are heavily puckered. Gold centers turning cream with irregular blue green margins. White flowers.

Height: 26"   Space: 34"

Hosta Cookie Crumbs - Mini

Attractive white edged sport of Tiny Tears. Pale lavender flowers in July.

Height: 5"   Space: 16"

Hosta Corkscrew

Lavender flowers Sep-Oct. Twisted, shiny, dark green leaves with an upright habit. Fast growing clumper. Unique.

Height: 9"   Space: 22"

Hosta Country Mouse - Mini 

Heart shaped, blue-green leaves encircled with a pure white margin. Good substance.

Height: 4"   Space: 9"

Hosta Cracker Crumbs - Mini

Waxy charteuse-yellow leaves with a narrow green margin. Fast growing sport of Shiny Penny.

Height: 6" Space: 12"

Hosta Crumb Cake - Mini               

Rapidly growing hosta with wavy, shiny, gold leaves with good substance on mahogany petioles. Lavender flowers on reddish scapes in July.

Height: 4"   Space: 12"

Picture courtesy Green Hill Farm.

Hosta Cutting Edge

Rippled, lance-shaped, blue-green leaves show off their near white back side. Lavender flowers.

Height: 16"   Space: 34"

Hosta Dance With Me

Heart shaped leaves with yellow centers framed by wide dark green margin. Leaves have great thick texture. Lavender flowers.

Height: 20"   Space: 36"

Photo courtesy Walter's Gardens, Inc.

Hosta Dancing In The Rain

Large pure white centers with green streaked blue margin. Great substance. Sport of Blue Umbrellas. Lavender flowers.

Height: 32"   Spread: 48"

Photo courtesy Walter's Gardens, Inc.

Hosta Dark Shadows

Thick heart-shaped, bluegreen leaves with a ruffled edge. Uneven chartreuse- yellow margin changes to light green.

Height: 20"   Space: 43"

Hosta Day's End

Large sport of 'Daybreak' with medium green leaves and a 1/2" wide gold margin.

Height: 26"   Space: 36"

Hosta Deja Blu

Blue-green leaves with a cream streak between the yellow margin.

Height: 14"   Spread: 16"

Hosta Designer Genes

Medium sized mound of bright gold foliage with rich red petioles. Purple flowers on red scapes in July.

Height: 12"   Space: 30"

Hosta Devil's Advocate  NEW for 2011!

This upright mounding variety, a sport of 'Blue Angel', has bold blue leaves edged in frosty green, which brighten as the season progresses. White flowerscapes appear mid-summer.

Height: 36"  Space: 48"

Hosta Diamond Tiara

Sport of Golden Tiara has green leaves with white, wavy margins. Rapidly forms dense mound. Bright purple flowers.

Height: 14"   Space: 30"

Photo courtesy Walter's Gardens, Inc.

Hosta Diana Remembered

Huge, white, very fragrant flowers. blue-green leaves have wide white margin.

Height: 15"   Space: 24"

Hosta Dick Ward

Sport of 'Zounds' with round gold leaves framed by wide dark green margins.

Height: 16"   Space: 36"

Photo courtesy Walter's Gardens, Inc.

Hosta Dinky Donna

Radiant Edger sport with heart-shaped gold leaves with heavily streaked green margin. Lavender flowers.

Height: 12"   Spread: 16"

Hosta Dragon Tails - Mini

Bright yellow, rippled leaves are wavy and have rippled edges. Fast grower. Lavender flowers midsummer.

Height: 4"   Space: 10"

Hosta Dragon's Eye

Large, frosty, undulating green leaves have very waxy white backs. Tall purple petioles.

Height: 22"   Space: 36"

Hosta Dream Queen

Large, nearly round, blue green leaves with yellow to cream centers are nicely corrugated. Great Expectations sport.

Height: 24"   Space: 26"

Hosta Dream Weaver

Sport of Great Expectations. Thick, highly corrugated leaves have wide blue- green margins and creamy white centers.

Height: 18"   Space: 42-48"

Hosta Dress Blues

Long, pointed, blue-green leaves with narrow, wavy, creamy white margins.

Height: 15-22"    Space: 36"

Hosta Earth Angel

Hosta of the year for 2009. Sport of Blue Angel has large, heart-shaped, blue-green leaves with a wide creamy white border. Dense spikes of showy white flowers in summer

Height: 36"   Space: 60"

Hosta El Nino

One of our favorites. Variegated sport of Halcyon has glaucous blue leaves with crisp white margins.

Height: 18"   Space: 24-30"

Hosta Elegans - H. sieboldiana

Very large leaves up to 15" long are deep blue-green with prominent veins and thick substance. Slug resistant.

Height: 30"   Space: 48"

Hosta Elvis Lives

Forms big dense mounds of narrow, tapering, lance-shaped powder blue leaves with wavy margins. A fast growing selection.

Height: 18"   Space: 36"

Hosta Emerald Ruff Cut

Gold centered leaves with dark green, rippled margins. Pale lavender flowers in July.

Height: 12"   Space: 30"

Hosta Empress Wu

Giant hosta with huge, thick, dark green leaves. Strong upright habit. Lavender flowers mid-summer.

Height: 36-48"   Space: 48-72"

Hosta Eskimo Pie

Leaves emerge with light yellow center that turns creamy white. Green streaks accent the blue-green margins.

Height: 28-30"   Space: 32"

Hosta Extasy

Forms a fountain like clump of powder blue leaves with a creamy center, turning white in summer.

Height: 10"   Space: 16-18"

Hosta Eye Candy

Upright, medium sized mound of white edged foliage. Leaf centers very dark green. Medium growth rate.

Height: 18"    Space: 32"